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Rain Curtain

On days like today, when the weather channel says it’s gonna be sunny and it’s actually rainy all day, I just wish I could part the curtain of rain and be free of it. A nice cute rain jacket would also be a plus.

But sometimes…well, sometimes the rain just fits. Artist Minh Dam is extremely skilled with watercolor – and makes rain scenes that are absolutely stunning. Source

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Leaves, Stripes, and Puddles

Found this on Pinterest, but it wasn’t linked to the photographer’s site, unfortunately. But how gorgeous. I’m not sure I mentioned how much I like brights things…like dying leaves….

Gros plan d’une tête de zèbre photo by Emile Vecsler, 1960 – I like bright things, as mentioned, but that sharp pop of black and white is just as exciting as the pop of color (if done right).

This reminds me of fall. There’s a strange beauty in polluted puddles in big cities, especially when portrayed with watercolor. (Source)



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