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Vantage Point: Bird’s Eye View

Being a pilot is something I’ve always dreamed about. I took lessons in high school, funded by yours truly, but it soon became too expensive and sadly I haven’t had the means to get myself back into it. (Mind you, this was a solid 7ish years ago.) One of the things that always intrigued me about flying was the vantage point – to see something from a bird’s perspective is astounding.

I found some photos online that, if seen from a plane, would blow my mind. (Just seeing them in a photo is incredible.) Take a look.

“At first glance these photos by Andre Ermolaev look like twisting abstract paintings, but in reality are aerial photos of rivers flowing through Iceland’s endless beds of volcanic ash. Given its name and stereotypical depiction it’s somewhat surprising to learn that the small country named after ice is home to no less than 30 active volcanic systems. You’ll remember the eruption of the massive Grímsvötn volcano just last year that spewed some 120 million tons of ash in the first 48 hours and snarled air traffic for days.”

This almost looks like a watercolor…Source

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Let’s be honest.

No one can say no to cupcakes. (And if you can, write a book and you’ll make millions because the rest of us who can’t would like to know how.) That said, today I initiated a “Cupcake Hunt” with a close friend of mine. We’re in dire need of girl time, so what better than to distract our overly stressed brains than to walk around Newbury Street solely in search of CUPCAKES.

I’m inviting you as well. However, the cupcake hunt for us will live solely in this blog post. (Sad, I know. Be my friend in real life we’ll go cupcake hunting all the time.)

Image found here. Try not to lick your screen.  If these were in front of me and I wasn’t allowed to eat them, I would just smush my head in them. nomnomnomnom ….I need to stop now. I have to prepare myself for an ACTUAL CUPCAKE HUNT!

In closing: Apparently cupcakes are the “in” thing nowadays. I don’t care. I  love them and I always have. It’s safe to say I always will. I hope these pictures make you forgetful of your diet enough to go on a cupcake hunt of your own, because let’s be honest: who can say no to cupcakes?

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Fairy Tale Noob

I’m a fairy tale noob who’s recently become quite attached to the show “Once Upon a Time.” These are the images burnt into my brain after watching 22 episodes in 2 days. (Don’t judge – I’m not proud.) (…But it’s a really good show…)

Knowing myself, I’d never walk down this road alone because I’m a big wimp, but you know, if I had 7 or so dedicated dwarves on my side…I’d consider it… (Source)

GUYS – not to give anything away – but THIS IS AN ENCHANTED TREE!!! Guess you had to be there. Watch the show. You’ll know what I mean. (Source)

Kinda Cindarella-y. Kind of Beauty and the Beast-y. I would kinda like to slide down those railings. (Source)

Them spells made the tree go all crazy-like. In other news, I would climb the crap outta that tree. (Source)

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Rain Curtain

On days like today, when the weather channel says it’s gonna be sunny and it’s actually rainy all day, I just wish I could part the curtain of rain and be free of it. A nice cute rain jacket would also be a plus.

But sometimes…well, sometimes the rain just fits. Artist Minh Dam is extremely skilled with watercolor – and makes rain scenes that are absolutely stunning. Source

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String Pop

If I knew how to use oil paints….LAWD! This is stunning. Everything just…pops. Source 

Bizarre, but I love it. Source

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Leaves, Stripes, and Puddles

Found this on Pinterest, but it wasn’t linked to the photographer’s site, unfortunately. But how gorgeous. I’m not sure I mentioned how much I like brights things…like dying leaves….

Gros plan d’une tête de zèbre photo by Emile Vecsler, 1960 – I like bright things, as mentioned, but that sharp pop of black and white is just as exciting as the pop of color (if done right).

This reminds me of fall. There’s a strange beauty in polluted puddles in big cities, especially when portrayed with watercolor. (Source)



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Fall Meets Winter

Got this pic from Reddit. User Toothyy posted it this morning and I think it’s beautiful.

I’m in a fall/coat-wearin/transitional state of mind. Love the watercolor and I love the cuteness. I don’t know the artist of this – if you do, let me know!

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