Let’s be honest.

No one can say no to cupcakes. (And if you can, write a book and you’ll make millions because the rest of us who can’t would like to know how.) That said, today I initiated a “Cupcake Hunt” with a close friend of mine. We’re in dire need of girl time, so what better than to distract our overly stressed brains than to walk around Newbury Street solely in search of CUPCAKES.

I’m inviting you as well. However, the cupcake hunt for us will live solely in this blog post. (Sad, I know. Be my friend in real life we’ll go cupcake hunting all the time.)

Image found here. Try not to lick your screen.

http://www.kickasscupcakes.com/.  If these were in front of me and I wasn’t allowed to eat them, I would just smush my head in them. nomnomnomnom

sweettoothboston.com ….I need to stop now. I have to prepare myself for an ACTUAL CUPCAKE HUNT!

In closing: Apparently cupcakes are the “in” thing nowadays. I don’t care. I  love them and I always have. It’s safe to say I always will. I hope these pictures make you forgetful of your diet enough to go on a cupcake hunt of your own, because let’s be honest: who can say no to cupcakes?

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