Fairy Tale Noob

I’m a fairy tale noob who’s recently become quite attached to the show “Once Upon a Time.” These are the images burnt into my brain after watching 22 episodes in 2 days. (Don’t judge – I’m not proud.) (…But it’s a really good show…)

Knowing myself, I’d never walk down this road alone because I’m a big wimp, but you know, if I had 7 or so dedicated dwarves on my side…I’d consider it… (Source)

GUYS – not to give anything away – but THIS IS AN ENCHANTED TREE!!! Guess you had to be there. Watch the show. You’ll know what I mean. (Source)

Kinda Cindarella-y. Kind of Beauty and the Beast-y. I would kinda like to slide down those railings. (Source)

Them spells made the tree go all crazy-like. In other news, I would climb the crap outta that tree. (Source)

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