String Pop

If I knew how to use oil paints….LAWD! This is stunning. Everything just…pops. Source 

Bizarre, but I love it. Source

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6 thoughts on “String Pop

  1. The painting really does pop! This painting was done using a palette knife and not a brush. (i can tell by looking at the strokes). You should give painting a try! It’s fun and not as difficult as you think! Interesting post…

    • I tried once! It was a half-hearted attempt though….you’re right…I should try again. It’s such an investment though! Any tips?

      • Anita C. Miller says:

        I don’t have any real tips, unfortunately. You should probably try it only if you can stand a lot of failure (at least at first). It takes a lot of work — like anything else. At first, just do it because you want to learn something and have fun with it –don’t take it so seriously at first. Allow yourself to fail. Later, if you still like it you can get serious. Hope this helps 😉

      • I can do watercolor and acrylic pretty well, but oil is a conundrum for me! You’re definitely right though – it will take a lot of work (and patience…yikes) but I bet I could learn something about oil painting in the process. 🙂 Ohh, if you wanna check out some of my stuff, here’s the link!

      • Anita C. Miller says:

        Morgan, buy a couple tubes of paint and play around with it. It is much easier than watercolor and acrylic. With oils, if you make a mistake you can wipe it out no problem. There is a lot of good information on the Gamblin website (they make oils). Don’t overthink it…just do it! Experiment and have fun!

      • morgan kelley says:

        You’ve convinced me. I will try. When I have something I’m proud of, I’ll show you!

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